Dazer - Ultrasonic Device that Deters Dog Attacks, Dangerous Dogs & Stops Barking

  • $89.00
  • Save $900

The Dazer (made in the USA) has been sold for the last 22 years to many people and organisations that require protection from dangerous and barking dogs.

The device emits an ultra sound wave that deters dogs. Humans are unale to hear the noise but dogs have a higher frequency range.

Approx. the size of a garage door remote - comes complete with 9V battery. Does not harm the dog but gives them a loud bang which works on the theory that if you can bark louder than the offending dog then they will back down or run off. The sound is emitted through a scanning disc in the front so it can be pointed towards the dog with no or little noise to your dog. Great for defending off dogs that could attack children and /or smaller dogs. Comes with 12 month product warranty.