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Top Seller - Active Again (EFAC) for Joint Health

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Many thanks for your support of Active Again not only the Human version but also for the growing support of the product for our dogs and cats!

Happy Summer in New Zealand

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Testimonial for Active Again for Dogs: 

"We got these for my husband' dog - a Lab Pointer cross just before duck shooting - I gave her 4 a day for a couple of days - unbelievably it made an instant difference - she was more bouncier and back to her old self - she was a better dog at duck shooting this year - more energetic - on a normal day of going around the farm with Pete she wouldn’t want to go back after lunch - and was quite stiff and sore in the rear end , bit of a effort to get up - she’s only 8.

She was quite fat but has got a bit more of a figure now".
Great product very happy
Pete and Bev Bayly

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