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Top Seller - Active Again (EFAC) for Joint Health

Dear Valued Customers,

Many thanks for your support and we wish you every good health during this precarious period.

We are now working from home and orders can be placed online but all orders (including orders for Vets and Pharmacies) will be despatched after the end of this Level 4 phase. 

Please call me (Ian) on 027 489-3489 if you have any queries.

Plus we have just launched a new product from the same company that supplies us Active Again in USA - Hope Science Inc.

They have been manufacturing and selling (for some years) a very good immune support supplement called  IP 6 Health.  

Being a powerful antioxidant containing Inositol, Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium it boosts our immune system and has the following additional benefits:    * Promotes Healthy Cell Growth   * Assists in Sugar Metabolism * Supports Healthy Kidney & Liver Functions

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